Toads, also called Frogs, are enemies found in Phoenotopia. They're found mostly in forested areas like Duri Forest and Misty Gorge. However, there are a few wooden crates throughout the game that might have a Toad in them. There is also a more dangerous variant, the Cave Toad, which is only found in Mul Cavern.



Toads attack just as you'd think they would: they hop. They can also swim, so trying to kill a Toad by knocking it into water won't work. It's best to attack a Toad when it's not moving. When a Toad is defeated, it'll usually drop a few Rai, and sometimes it may drop a Toad Leg.

It's also worth noting that Toads, when hit with the Slingshot, stay stunned for far longer than most other enemies.

Cave Toad

Cave Toads are pretty much the same as normal Toads, except they move much more quickly, can perform high or low jumps, and have more health. The best way to take one out is with a charged attack or a charged Javelin.

Phoenotopia Awakening

Both types of Toads are returning in the remake.


The normal Toads are relatively unchanged in this game. However, they now have the ability to perform low or high jumps, making them slightly more dangerous as there's no clear way to tell how high they'll jump next.

This time around, they don't stay stunned for very long when hit with the Slingshot.

Cave Toad

Cave Toads will probably undergo the same changes as their normal counterpart. They might also have other abilities as well.

See Also

  • Monster Toad: A giant toad who serves as an early boss in both games. He is the boss of Chapter 1 in Phoenotopia, and a secret optional boss in Phoenotopia Awakening.