Thomas' Robot is a boss appearing in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. It was built by Thomas to protect his lab and appears as the boss of that area, making it the first boss of Chapter 3 (or just a miniboss, depending on your view).

A nearly identical version of this enemy, known as the Forest Robot, is encountered in the Forgotten Forest as a miniboss.


Thomas' Robot

Thomas' Robot only has one main attack, but it's pretty tricky. Its main attack is to shoot lasers from one or all of its three laser guns. Because of how quickly the lasers move and how rapidly Thomas' Robot fires them, the lasers are often hard to dodge; for most of the battle you're probably better off taking a hit so you can use the invincibility frames to get by without taking any more damage.

After a few waves of lasers, the robot will then charge at the wall in an attempt to ram Gale, which can be easily dodged by jumping over it. Once it hits the wall, the robot will be stunned and you can attack it, but your attacks won't do very much damage. Instead, you have to use your melee weapon to push the robot onto one of the bridge-like platforms on the floor and then use the Slingshot to hit one of the switches on the ceiling so the platform will disappear and the robot will fall, losing about a third of its health in the process. The robot will then respawn and immediately start attacking again, and you'll have to repeat the process twice more to defeat it.

Forest Robot

The Forest Robot is encountered in the middle of the Forgotten Forest and is almost exactly the same boss as Thomas' Robot. The only differences are:

  • The Forest Robot is purple while Thomas' Robot is blue.
  • The Forest Robot drops bombs when it performs its charge attack, where Thomas' Robot doesn't.
  • The Forest Robot stays stunned for a shorter time than Thomas' Robot does.

The last two makes this robot more difficult to defeat, but by the time Gale reaches it, she should have acquired the Javelin, which allows her to create a platform to safely stand on while the robot performs its attacks. It's also worth noting that unlike any other boss in the game, the Forest Robot appears in the middle of its level instead of at or near the end.

Phoenotopia Awakening

Thomas' Robot

Thomas' Robot is set to return in the remake, but with a complete overhaul. It's been transformed from a tank-like robot into a more humanoid one, and has been tentatively named "Wrecking Boy."

Forest Robot

It's unknown if the Forest Robot will return in the remake.