Sunflower Road is a location in Phoenotopia which connects Panselo and Atai Bridge. Gale passes through this area to get to Atai. The road is somewhat hazardous due to an abundance of insectoid enemies.


Sunflower Road is named for the giant sunflowers that grow there, which can grow several stories high. The leaves of the sunflowers act as platforms that can be jumped upon. Many collectible items can be found on the leaves, including Moonstones, Honeycombs, and treasure chests containing money.

Sunflower Road is also infamous for the swarms of Bull Bees that are attracted to the flowers. The Bees constantly fly back and forth in the same patterns, usually in straight lines or in triangular patterns among the sunflowers. They will passively damage Gale if they touch her but are not hostile unless provoked by her killing one, which will turn all Bull Bees onscreen hostile and cause them to chase Gale. Other enemies include Scabers and Spiders, the latter of which are introduced in this area.

Spiders can be found waiting on a sunflower for Gale to pass underneath, at which point they will drop down and attack. They can be dealt with by either running across before they drop or waiting for them a bit to the side and then hitting them once they drop.

Honey Labs Inn

In the middle of the area is Honey Labs Inn, a building owned by Hachi the bee researcher, that serves as both a shop and an inn. The sunflowers around the inn have been cut down to keep the Bull Bees away. A Save Shrine is located outside while resting at the inn costs 5 Rai. Standing at the top of the inn is a man, presumably Gill, who comments on the Bull Bee's large size and wonders if their hive is the size of a mansion.

The Inn also has a shop where various honey-related items can be purchased.

  • Honeyed Tumond - Costs 12 Rai. Heals 7 Hp and boosts running speed and stamina for 1 minute.
  • Honey - Costs 15 Rai. Boosts running speed and stamina for 2 minutes.
  • Lilac Honey - Costs 80 Rai. Boosts running speed and stamina for 8 minutes. Must be unlocked first by giving Hachi a Purple Honeycomb.


Hachi will pay Gale 15 Rai for each Honeycomb that she can find. Giving him a Purple Honeycomb found in the east side of Sunflower Road will give 25 Rai, as well as unlock Lilac Honey, which boosts Stamina for a whopping 8 minutes. Upon giving Hachi a Purple Honeycomb, a complimentary jar of Lilac Honey will be given to Gale for free as a reward for helping him out.

Hachiko, presumably the son of Hachi, can be given a Small Baton in exchange for a Heart Ruby.

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