This page is about the NPC Ruby from the original Phoenotopia. To read the article on Ruby from Phoenotopia Awakening, click here.

Ruby is a minor character appearing in Chapter 3 of Phoenotopia. She is the keeper of the Daea sewers.

She is first mentioned shortly after Thomas is kidnapped by the Daea Guards, after which Gale must go to the castle gates and ask the little girl there about alternate ways into the castle. The girl will then tell Gale where to find Ruby, but she won't be there; however, the NPCs give Gale suggestions that eventually lead her down to the sewers where Ruby can be found. Once the player finds Ruby, she grants them access into the sewers, but instructs Gale not to break anything (this is strictly for comical purposes, though; nothing bad happens if you do break anything, like pots and crates, while in the sewers).