Not to be confused with Heart Rubies or the NPC Ruby from the original Phoenotopia.

Ruby is a new character to be introduced in the upcoming Phoenotopia remake, Phoenotopia Awakening. She is a failed bounty hunter who gets captured and imprisoned by the Ouroboros Bandits and will (presumably) play a major role in the game.


Ruby is a short, young girl with light tan skin, ginger hair tied into pigtails and wears a pot on her head as a helmet. She also wears leather armor and carries a wooden sword.

In her second appearance, Ruby appears to be much older, as she is more scantily clad than before. Her hair is loose, with a pink flower pinned into it, and she now wears metal armor that only covers her breast area. She also wields a proper sword now.

In her third (and final) appearance, Ruby appears in her adult form; she now wears armor that is remarkably similar to that of a Daea Guard. She even carries the same three-pronged spear that Daea Spearmasters use. It's unknown if this means that Ruby will become an enemy to Gale at some point in the game.

Events of Phoenotopia Awakening