Rocket Boots are a useful item obtained towards the end of Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening.


After seeking the source of a distress beacon, Gale finds the Rocket Boots in the depths of Mul Cavern, near the wreck of what used to be a space shuttle from before the Great War. According to Billy, their ancient ancestors commonly wore the boots and flew around for sport. Among the scrap metal, the Rocket Boots can be donned by Gale and used for the rest of the game. They allow Gale to hover above the ground and through the air for a limited time by holding the jump button while in midair.

Much like secondary weapons, the Rocket Boots have their own stamina level that becomes depleted as it is used and is recharged over several seconds. Later stages of the game and many secret areas throughout the world require the Rocket Boots in order to access and complete them.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, the boots have an added functionality; near a campfire, the flames from the boots' jets can be used to ignite a fire to allow Gale to cook.