Pukis are sheep-like creatures that appear in Phoenotopia. They are calm, docile animals named after the sound that they make. They are livestock animals that are raised to produce milk as well as make various food items. Pukis can be found in settled areas like Panselo and Atai City.

Events in Phoenotopia

Pukis are background elements that generally have no relevance to gameplay, but many characters do provide interesting dialogue about them. In the beginning of the game, Cynthia is found near a couple of Pukis and reminisces with Gale about how they used to ride them when they were little. She comments on how cute they are and laments that one will be the night's dinner. She then wonders what it'd be like if the situation was reversed and the humans were the livestock instead, foreshadowing the events to come.

Later, Gale finds Lisa tending Pukis at the Atai Mayor's Palace. Lisa is seen babytalking a Puki into eating grass before she spots Gale. During their conversation, it is revealed that Lisa hates animals more than anything but is forced to work as an indentured servant to pay off a huge debt. She breaks down and cries, shouting at a Puki to get away from her. Despite her dislike of animals, Lisa seems to have developed skills to deal with them as later she is said to have intimidated a Puki into obedience simply by making eye contact with it.

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