The Prince Tower is a location in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. It is a huge white palace stationed in the east side of Daea, in which the king, queen, and prince of Castland reside. The tower has two entances: a main entrance which is protected by guards, and a secret entrance that can be accessed through the underground dungeons.

During the events of the game, Gale and Thomas attempts to enter the palace grounds to gain an audience with the king, only to be turned away by the guards. That night, Thomas is abducted by soldiers, prompting Gale to search the dungeons to rescue him. She finds him in a cell with Sir Max, who explains that Kobold Mercenaries have invaded Daea and made the Prince Tower their base of operations. Gale then storms the tower to rescue Prince Leo from the Kobolds and their general.


In Phoenotopia, the Prince Tower is a vertically oriented level, and the player will have to travel upwards through several floors to progress. These floors are filled with Kobold Mercenaries and booby traps. At the top of the tower, Gale encounters the Kobold General and defeats him, after which she rescues Prince Leo.

At the top of the tower, another tower is hidden offscreen to the right and can be reached by flying over with the Rocket Boots. This tower contains a Heart Ruby on top but must be reached by passing an agility course and then a puzzle room. The agility course consists of two ladders and a series of arrow slots that will continuously shoot arrows from the ceiling and walls. The puzzle room requires the player to move several boxes and position them onto multiple switches to open the door to the top floor where the Heart Ruby is found.

Phoenotopia Awakening

Prince Tower PHOA

A secret area believed to be from the Prince Tower in Phoenotopia Awakening.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, the Prince Tower is being "heavily redesigned" owing to negative player feedback regarding that area in the original game.

Phoenotopia Awakening's iteration of Prince Tower employs a variation on the ladder and arrow feature from the original Phoenotopia; instead of climbing ladders while dodging bells and arrows, the player now has to jump across wooden poles while dodging arrows being shot from the walls.