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Phoenotopia, previously known as Legend of Stone Hero, is a 2D action-adventure flash game made by Quell. By the creator's admission, the game was largely inspired by Cave Story and the Legend of Zelda series. Phoenotopia follows the adventures of a girl named Gale who sets out into the world to find out what happened to her village after a mysterious object descends from the sky and abducts everyone. It can be played for free here.

Phoenotopia Awakening is a remake of Phoenotopia made by Cape Cosmic. It mostly follows the same general plot and progression of the flash game, but is of a much larger scale, with completely reworked collectibles, enemies, dialogue and more. It released on the US Nintendo Switch eshop on August 20th, 2020 for $20 and will release on the European and Australian eshop on September 3rd. It is expected to release on Steam by the end of the year.

A sequel is also in the works.

This site may contain unmarked spoilers of the game.

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