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"A mysterious force abducts the peaceful villagers of Panselo. As Gale, loyal denizen and survivor of the incident, set out to solve this mystery and rescue your friends!" - Quells

Phoenotopia (previously known as Legend of Stone Hero) is a 2D action-adventure game made by Quells. It is a flash game that can be played for free on websites like Newgrounds and Notdoppler. A remake (Phoenotopia Awakening) is set to be released in 2019 and a sequel is also in development.


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Phoenotopia begins with a narration explaining that in ancient times, a Great War devastated the world, forcing the remaining population to either flee into space or await its recovery in underground bunkers. The game begins centuries afterwards after the world had indeed recovered.

The story follows the adventures of a girl named Gale, who sets out into the world to find out what happened to her village after a mysterious object descends from the sky and abducts almost everyone. Gale embarks on an epic quest that takes her to many different locations, solving puzzles, finding friends, and battling ferocious enemies, in order to find answers.


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Phoenotopia contains a host of characters that Gale can interact with, including friends, merchants, and quest givers. Gale is able to talk with different characters to find out more about the world and find useful information. Certain NPCs can also be given items in exchange for rewards. These sidequests may not be plainly revealed and requires the player to listen to what NPCs have to say.


Phoenotopia is an open-world platformer in which the player completes tasks and obtains equipment in one area in order to progress to the next area, though the player is free to explore the game's areas in any manner they see fit. These tasks typically alternate between traversing through enemy-infested areas, some of which contain a boss that must be defeated, and taking on more passive quests that mainly entail interactions with NPCs.

The progression in this game is somewhat linear and akin to The Legends of Zelda, the game series that inspired Phoenotopia. The game follows a format where a new item is introduced whenever it is required to complete the current location to advance the game. Despite the linear format, there are also plenty of side quests and secret areas to explore, as well as extra items that are optional to find but are very powerful and heftily reward the player once obtained.


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The world of Phoenotopia contains many locations that Gale can visit, including friendly towns, hostile caves, passive wilderness, enemy strongholds, and more. Each location can be comprised of multiple areas or rooms. New locations are either unlocked at the end of a previous location or by having certain NPCs mark it on Gale's map.



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Primary Weapons

Secondary Weapons


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Phoenotopia contains many different types of enemies, including special types that cannot be defeated with conventional methods.


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