Phantom Prawns are strange enemies in Phoenotopia only found in the Misty Gorge. They are not hostile but will passively damage Gale if they hit her while moving. Killing a Phantom Prawn has a chance of dropping Translucent Meat, which can be taken to a chef at Daea to unlock the Mystery Bento.


Phantom Prawns are giant, ghostly blue prawns that appear in swarms flying from one side of the screen to the other in the opposite direction of Gale's travel. Touching a Phantom Prawn will damage Gale, but they are not hostile and can be avoided entirely by hiding in the water at the bottom of the screen where the Prawns don't travel. The Prawns make buzzing sounds that alert the player of their arrival and give them time to escape.

It only takes one hit to defeat a Phantom Prawn, and every once in a while a defeated Phantom Prawn will drop Translucent Meat, an item that takes away 10 HP if Gale eats it. However, the Translucent Meat can be given to a chef at Daea, who will then use it to create Mystery Bento, an item that heals 45 HP when eaten.

It is unknown if Phantom Prawns will return in Phoenotopia Awakening.