Panselo is the first area of the game in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. It is the hometown of Gale and her siblings.


Panselo is located in the southeast area of Castland. To the east of the village is Duri Forest and to the west is Sunflower Road which connects to the rest of the kingdom. The village consists of many homes and a buildings, including a food shop, a martial arts dojo, and the orphanage where Gale lives and where her bed can be used to restore health.

Panselo is a small, peaceful farming village where the residents spend most of their time caring for crops and livestock such as Pukis. The village does not seem to get many visitors as the town greeter says that she is out of practice. Notable people from Panselo include renowned scientist Thomas and Ki martial artist Aella.

At the beginning of Phoenotopia, a mysterious object descends from the sky and abducts everyone in the village, including the animals and even a Golem. Gale and several children are spared since they were out playing in Duri Forest at the time. After they return, Alex takes charge of the village while Gale ventures out into the world to find out what happened and bring back adults to help take care of the children.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, Panselo will receive an expansion and remodeling with a new style of architecture and a bigger area.

Table of rooms

Name Doors Characters Moonstones Heart Rubies Treasure Chests/ Piggybanks
Outside area 1 8 0 0 0
Entrance guard spot 1 Chapter I: Farnea 0 0 1
Tao's shop 1 2 Chapter I: Tao

Chapter II: Lita, Ren and Lucky

Chapter III: Lita, Ren, Lucky and Lucky Jr

Chapter IV: Ren

0 0 0
Tao's shop 2 1 Chapters I-III: None

Chapter IV: Lita, Lucky and Lucky Jr

0 0 0
Dojo 1 Chapter I: Cadell

Chapter II: Ernest

Rest: Ernest and Aella if rescued

0 1 1
Orphanage main 3 Chapter I: Nana, Kazu and Kiter

Chapter II: Ella, Felix, Shelby, Ellis and Amanda

Chapter III: Shelby, Amanda and Lisa

Chapter IV: Shelby, Ella, Felix and Lisa

0 1 0
Orphanage dormitory 1 Ending of Chapter I: Shelby and Ella 0 0 0
Outside area 2 7 0 0 0
Warehouse 1 None 1 0 0
Marie's house 1 2 Chapter I: Marie 0 0 0
Marie's house 2 1 None 0 0 1
Ruth's house 1 Chapter I-III: None

Chapter IV: Seth and Thomas

1 0 1
Wall chamber 2 None 2 0 1