Moonstones are collectibles in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. They appear as shiny, round rocks that can be found through the game, mostly hidden or in a traceback place. In Phoenotopia there is a total of 42 Moonstones, and 35 of them are part of Fran’s quest. In Phoenotopia Awakening there are a whopping 100 Moonstones.


Moonstones are round, rough, bluish-gray stones that are described as being shiny. They are slightly smaller than most consumable items found in the game. There is a counter in the game’s inventory that tells the number of Moonstones found by the player. The world map indicates if a selected area has any unfound Moonstones by displaying a flashing Moonstone icon in the upper-lefthand corner of the screen.


According to Fran, the humans' ancestors discovered them a while after they appeared on the Earth’s surface. She clarifies that despite their name, they do not come from the moon but instead they appeared all at once as if something had activated them. Fran describes all the stones as being connected and able to send energy to one another. The research of this property led to the creation of teleporters in ancient times. Fran believes the Moonstones can help her repair one such teleporter, which she manages to do once Gale delivers 30 Moonstones to her. This teleporter leads Gale to the Forgotten Forest while Fran's group is sent to the Hidden Village. Though the technology to create new teleporters has been lost, Fran hopes that she will be able to rediscover it and allow faster travel throughout the world.

Fran's Rewards


  1. 5 Moonstones: Rai120
  2. 10 Moonstones: Additional Bag Slot
  3. 15 Moonstones: Rai150
  4. 20 Moonstones: Heart Ruby
  5. 25 Moonstones: Asteroid Rock
  6. 30 Moonstones: Rai200
  7. 35 Moonstones: Rai300
  8. 40 Moonstones: Heart Ruby

Phoenotopia Awakening



Area Location
Panselo Area
Panselo In the warehouse where you got the wooden bat, go right.
Panselo East side of town, in the wooden tower. You can roll into it to enter a secret passage.
Panselo In the basement of Ruth's home. Normally, the javelin is needed to reach a switch that opens the passage down to it. However, a bomb can also be used by placing it near the right-side wall where it will trigger the switch from the basement's side.
Panselo Once you have the jet boots and spear, go to the East side of town. Get on top of Ruth's house and throw your spear at the right tower. Fly to it and enter the tower. Within are crates, once of which contains a Moonstone.
Anuri Temple In the big room before the dungeon's last save point. The same switch that makes the bridge extend opens a door to the left
Sunflower Road East On one of the many leaves.
Sunflower Road West On one of the many leaves.
Atai Area
Atai Bridge A Moonstone is contained within one of the bombable rocks.
Atai Bridge A Moonstone is wedged between two bridge platforms. Move the boxes around so you can position Gale to roll through it.
Atai One of the houses has two anchor boxes sitting on top of them. The Moonstone is in one. You can reach it with rocket boots or spears.
Atai From the shop, go into the basement and enter the vents.
Atai After a while, visit the bandit in Jail again (the one who revealed the Bandits' Lair to you). He wants a comic book. Buy one from Daea.
Atai Mayor's Palace Hidden in one of the boxes of the kitchen storage room.
Atai Mayor's Palace Outside the mayor's palace high up in a pot is a Moonstone. Consume a honey item and then use rocket boots.
Atai Well The first area past the two rail doors you have to open. There is a ledge above with three pots, one of which holds a Moonstone.
Bandits' Lair In the Sand Dragon pit, there is a Moonstone in a groove in the right wall.
Misty Gorge From the south entrance, the second area holds a Moonstone on a leaf.
Misty Gorge Near the middle of Misty Gorge are some mountains you can only climb once you have the rocket boots and spear. Follow the path and you will find some bombable rocks that open into the cave. Within that cave is a Space Asteroid and a Moonstone.
Central Castland Area
Crossroads After saving Fran and getting introduced to the Moonstone quest, talk with Gill at the Great Walls. Then complete the slime extermination quest at the Crossroads, and talk to Floe on the treehouse.
Daea From the tavern, go to the top-left most room. There is a vent you can go through to reach an apartment complex. From there, go left. You need to destroy the vent here to drop into the locked room. The chest holds the Moonstone.

Once you have the rocket boots, go to the inn. Exit the top most room and fly right to reach the previously inaccessible balcony. Complete the maze here for a Moonstone.

Note : This place is also accessible without rocket boots, by throwing a javelin in the lowest pixel of the balcony and taking damage (using a bomb) at the highest point of your jump.

Daea Sewers Upon entry, swim right to a small alcove.
Daea Sewers An upper ledge contains three pots, one of which contains the Moonstone (you need the spear to reach it).
Daea Dungeons Above the save room is another room that contains four timed switches. Hit them quickly enough to open a door to three chests. One of them contains the Moonstone.
Daea Dungeons In the save room. Bomb the cracked wall.
Prince Tower Halfway up the tower, on the left balcony is a Moonstone.
Prince Tower In the save room at the top of the tower are three pots behind a locked door. You need to fly in through the balcony (you will need rocket boots).
Great Walls A soldier here complains of bed bugs. Give him Mikan Fragrance.
Forbidden Lands
Dread Lands From the south entrance, the second area has some underground bunkers. The right bunker contains a Moonstone (you will need a zero key).
Dread Lands From the north entrance, in the second area, on the rooftop of the rightmost building.
Dread Lands Fly with rocket boots to the right of the northern Save Room to reach a new building. The floors here have cracks. keep bombing them to go lower and lower. One of the crates/pots here contains a Moonstone.
Mul Caverns From the south entrance, in the very first area, you can fly right to reach the cliff ledge. The Moonstone is contained within one of the boxes.
Mul Caverns From the north entrance, in the second room. The Moonstone is resting on a green mushroom in the upper left corner of the cave.
Mul Caverns From the north entrance, in the second room. There are six holes to fall down here. Fall down the third hole from the left. You will drop to a mushroom where you can reach some crates. One of those crates has a Moonstone.
Forgotten Forest In the middle of forgotten forest there is a secret lab. Within that secret lab there is a locked room. Within that room is the Moonstone.
Forgotten Forest One screen left of the secret lab, hidden high up and out of sight is the Moonstone.
Forgotten Forest Outside the entrance to the secret lab, scale the left mountain. The Moonstone is hidden within a pot.
Forgotten Forest Two screens right of the secret lab. Drop down the cliff and look to your left.
Forgotten Forest Two screens right and one screen up is a Moonstone hidden high up in a pot. Requires lots of tricky rocketing.
Ancient Crater Half way through Ancient Crater is a moon stone guarded by a defense system. You will need to have the Artifact.
Phoenix Lab Where you see Adam, go through the right topmost door. In this area, there is a hole in the roof that leads to a Moonstone.
Hidden Village A Harpy in town wants something shiny. Give her a gold bar.


  • Only 23 Moonstones can be found before exiting the Great Walls. This implies that reaching the Hidden Village (30 Moonstones needed) is not possible without coming back from the Dread Lands, which would deviate from the storyline.
  • Adar’s House, Thomas’s Lab, Fran’s Lab, and Farmer’s Block are the only locations in the game that don't have any Moonstones. All four of these areas have the song ‘Home (Mr. Eldwin’s Penguins)’ playing in the background.
  • The Moonstone quest was added after the main plotline of the game was finished. The primary reward is traveling through areas that were originally thought as the last ones of the game.
  • Only one Moonstone can be found without any tools, which is the one found in the Panselo warehouse.