The Kobold General is the leader of the Kobold Mercenaries, the main antagonist of Chapter 3, and the fourth boss of Phoenotopia and probably Phoenotopia Awakening. He led the invasion of Daea and held the royal family hostage in the Prince Tower; he is encountered at the top of the tower, where Gale subdues him and rescues Prince Leo.


Compared to his underlings, the Kobold General is much more powerful and aggressive. He'll try to attack Gale by shooting lasers or by punching the ground to send energy balls rolling across the floors and walls. Once he's lost half his health, he'll also occasionally summon Flying Mines. The arena has a large platform suspended in the middle of the room, so the player can easily dodge most of these attacks by taking advantage of it, ideally by standing on the platform when the Kobold General is on the floor and under the platform when he's on the ceiling (keep in mind that you'll have to use the Javelin to get on top of the platform as it's too high to reach with a normal jump). The General can also try to run into Gale, and he moves really quickly, so you'll have to be on your toes to avoid him. On top of that, the General has a force field that renders him invincible for most of the battle. It only goes down when he starts to charge up his special attack, which is the player's chance to attack the General by throwing the Javelin at him. If the player succeeds, the General's suit will malfunction and leave him stunned for a few seconds, allowing the player to attack him until he recovers. Otherwise, the General will launch a giant, unavoidable ball of energy that deals massive damage.

Phoenotopia Awakening

The Kobold General will very likely return in the remake.


  • It is possible that the Kobold General who Gale battled might not have been the Kobolds' only general, as the mercenaries still continue their search for the Phoenix Weapons even after their leader is defeated.