Kiter is Gale’s younger brother. He is the second oldest orphan after her that lives in Panselo. Though he does not participate much during the first game, he is highly considered by the creator as a possible main character for the sequel.


Kiter is a young boy with orange hair, and wears an apron. It is unknown if he is an adult like Gale is.


Kiter is the one in charge of the cooking on the day of the abduction, and tasks Gale with fetching the rest of the kids for dinner. He is cooking Toad Legs, and gives one to Gale if she insists. After Gale finds the Golem Head, Kiter is abducted by the Collectors and he is not seen again until the end of the game inside the Collector ship’s cage where Gale is tossed. The last thing he does is to jump in surprise when Gale enters the room, and afterwards the game credits start to roll.



  • Marie mentions Kiter when she talks about his mother Abigail carrying him and Gale to Panselo when they were little.
  • Aside from the previous point, the first game does not explicitly state that Kiter is Gale’s brother, and fans often thought that her brother was actually Alex.
  • After getting the Rocket Boots, the player can access Kiter’s room above the orphanage kitchen. There, his diary can be found, where he states that he does not want to inherit the orphanage and wants to leave it to Gale instead, as he intends to go out and make his fortune in the world as Thomas did before him. He expresses regret at leaving the responsibility to Gale alone and promises to give her his dessert for a week.