Heart Rubies are a collectible item in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. When one is found, Gale holds it over her head and a textbox reads, "You found a Heart Ruby. Your heart beats a little more rigorously." Afterwards, Gale is fully healed and her maximum health capacity increases by 3. There are 23 of them in Phoenotopia, and with a starting max health capacity of 20, this brings the max health up to 89 when all are collected. You need to collect all the Heart Rubies in order to access the ???? area.

Heart Rubies return in Phoenotopia Awakening with the exact same function, but are now called Heart Gems. This time there are 44 Heart Gems in total, and each one now increases Gale's maximum health capacity by 5, which (given Gale's max health is 30 at the start of this game) would bring the max health up to 250 once all of them have been found.


A Heart Ruby is a red, heart-shaped gem with carved edges that is somewhat bigger than a regular consumable item. It produces a resonant crystal sound when dropping to the floor. Its nature is not clear in the game, as it behaves like a regular object, except when grabbed by Gale. Places where they can be found vary in nature and in some cases, they can be heavily guarded. They are also given as a reward for defeating most bosses aside from Thomas' Robot, the Computer Guardian, and the Forest Robot.


Location Area
Panselo In the attic of the Dojo is an alcove with a Heart Ruby. Requires the Rolling Scroll to reach it.
Panselo The top room of the Orphanage contains a Heart Ruby. Requires Rocket Boots to fly from rooftop to rooftop before reaching the window to enter this room.
Anuri Temple Defeating the Monster Toad boss will reward you with one.
Anuri Temple At the top left of the area with the Duri Fruit trees is a door leading to a secret area containing a Heart Ruby. Reaching the door requires the Javelin.
Sunflower Road Hachiko at the Honey Labs Inn will reward you one for giving him a Small Baton.
Atai Bridge The western side contains a Heart Ruby. Requires Bombs to clear away rocks to reach it.
Atai City To the right of the Silk Trader is a door hidden behind a rug leading to a room containing a Heart Ruby. This room is dark so a Lamp is useful for navigating it.
Atai City After Lisa is freed and returns to Panselo, a soldier named Albert at the Mayor's palace will give you one in exchange for helping him deliver a love letter.
Bandits' Lair A Heart Ruby is locked behind a room that requires a combination. The combo can be found at the end of nearby room that is dimly lit and filled with Baby Sand Dragons. (It's 1, 3, 3, 3, 4)
Bandits' Lair Defeating Bubbles will reward you with one.
Bandits' Lair + Atai City In the caves that connect these two locations is an underground building with a Heart Ruby. Reaching it is easier from the Bandits' Lair entrance. This cave requires the Floaty Donut to navigate. Inside the building, a timed puzzle must be completed to access the Heart Ruby.
Misty Gorge One of the flowers contains a Heart Ruby on its leaf platform.
Crossroads Buy a room at the Inn for 100 Rai, then go outside through the balcony and jump to the lower balcony on the right. Inside is a Heart Ruby.
Daea The storehouse at the bar contains a Heart Ruby.
Daea In the dungeons, Jail Section A has a cell with a Heart Ruby.
Prince Tower Defeating the Kobold General will reward you with one.
Prince Tower A secret tower can be found after reaching the top and flying off to the right with Rocket Boots. This tower contains an agility course and puzzle room that must be completed to reach the Heart Ruby.
Fran's Lab Fran will reward you one after obtaining 20 Moonstones.
Great Walls Inside the bunk room is a secret passage found by rolling through the right-side wall. This leads to a room where crates must be moved onto two pressure plates to unlock a Heart Ruby.
Dread Lands One of the locked doors leads to a room with a Heart Ruby. The door requires a zero key found elsewhere in the Dread Lands to unlock.
Dread Lands At the north side is a door leading to a Save Shrine. To the right of this door is another building that must be reached with the Rocket Boots. Inside is an ancient vault that requires the Artifact to access. In the vault is a puzzle that unlocks a storage room with a Heart Ruby.
Mul Cavern A small cave to the left of the Save Shrine inside the caves.
Hidden Village Fran will give you another Heart Ruby after collecting 40 Moonstones.


  • Heart Rubies were originally called ‘Heart Gems’ and were silver-colored with an ornament strapped around them.
    • In Phoenotopia Awakening, they return to being called Heart Gems, but keep the red color they had in the first game.
  • Aside from the ones you get from bosses, all Heart Rubies require the use of at least one tool to obtain them.
  • Adar's House, Thomas' Lab, Farmer's Block, Forgotten Forest, Ancient Crater, and the Phoenix Lab are the only locations in the game that don't have Heart Rubies.
  • Thomas's Robot, the Computer Guardian, and the Forest Robot are the only bosses in the game that don't give Heart Rubies upon being defeated.