The "Elemental Items" (name subject to change) are items first appearing in Phoenotopia Awakening. Their purpose is currently unknown, but they appear to be enchanted items representing various elements. It's possible that they might grant Gale special abilities, perhaps spells, when she acquires them. They are as follows:

  • Two red stripes that bend upward at one end, which might represent a speed-based or fire-based ability
  • A circle of four aquamarine balls of energy that probably represent a projectile-based fire or ice attack
  • A blue spear which could be an improved version of the Javelin from the first game, or possibly a water-based attack
  • A pink shield which is likely a shield-summoning ability
  • A green leaf which indicates a nature-themed ability, maybe a plant-based attack or a healing ability
  • A magenta tornado, which is probably a wind attack
    Elemental Items