Duri Forest is one of the first areas in Phoenotopia and its remake Phoenotopia Awakening, located east of Panselo. It is named after the plethora of Duri Fruits that grow in the forest. This area contains many low level enemies and introduces the player to the game's mechanics. It also houses a smaller area known as Anuri Temple. Gale receives the Slingshot from Alex here.


Duri Forest is a calm area where the children of Panselo are first found playing. The forest consists of hills and many trees whose branches can be used as platforms for jumping across. At one spot is a pond where Ernest explains that Gale cannot swim and must find other ways around bodies of water. The area has many low level enemies including Slimes, Toads, and Scabers. At the end of the forest is the entrance to Anuri Temple, which contains some light puzzles and more enemies, including Bats and the location's boss, the Monster Toad.

Many of the trees both out in the forest and inside the temple have Duri Fruits growing from them, which the player can knock down and break to collect. There is also a cave and a temple room with items that can only be obtained with tools that are found later in the game. These secret areas contain Mikan Fruits and a Heart Ruby respectively, and Fish also appear in the former area.

Phoenotopia Awakening

In the remake, Duri Forest receives an upgrade in art and gameplay elements. Many of the original elements remain, such as tree platforms and the same enemies. New features include vines/roots that can be used as ladders and weak branches that will slowly break off after being touched.

Featured Enemies


Abolo Forest

Duri Forest, then known as "A Bold Forest", on the World Map of an early build of the game.

  • Duri Forest was originally named A Bold Forest[1] during the development of the game.


  1. Development footage showing Duri Forest on the World Map