Dread Lands is a location in Phoenotopia and its remake Phoenotopia Awakening. It is a barren wasteland located in the Forbidden Lands region of northern Castland, devoid of any life aside from some hostile robots, or "golems" as the Castlanders call them.


The Dread Lands mark a drastic change in the game's theme, both in terms of atmosphere and difficulty. The location contains the ruins of an ancient city perpetually shrouded under dark clouds from which ash constantly falls. The land is entirely barren as the ground is covered in brown, dead grass which hides active landmines in some spots. The area's main danger is the Zombots, hostile combat robots that resemble skeletons and can deal heavy damage.


Before the Great War, the Dread Lands (original name unknown) was a presumably a major city, perhaps even the capital of the world. The city was razed to the ground during the war and afterwards abandoned when the remaining human population either fled to space or hid in underground bunkers to await the Earth's recovery. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the continent, the Dread Lands never recovered and has since remain in the grisly state it is presently found. Gale visits Dread Lands during Chapter IV after passing through the Great Walls.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, the Dread Lands look much more like an abandoned military district rather than an entire city, so it could be that the city was also the site of a military base before the Great War.

Table of Rooms

Name Number of doors Enemies Items Found
Outside 1 2 Dark Grey Golem 0
Outside 2 2 Bright Grey Golem, 2 Black Golems. 1
Outside 3 6
Abandoned Shelter 3 None 0
Sealed Room 1 Red Golem 0
Unsealed Room 1 None 0
Outside 4 4
Outside 5 None


  • In the first Save Shrine of the area, there is a room with two skeletons lying in beds and a big crate in the corner. If the player gets closer to the crate, a Red Zombot will scream and jump out before running towards Gale. The atmosphere of the area creates a tension that makes this an effective jumpscare.