Daea Guards are enemies encountered in Phoenotopia and its remake, Phoenotopia Awakening. They only appear in the dungeons of the city of Daea. For the most part, the guards appear sparsely throughout the dungeons. However, once the player reaches Jail Cell A, they will be ambushed by a horde of guards who attack in several waves, followed by one Kobold Mercenary.


In the original Phoenotopia, there are two types of Daea Guards, those being Daea Lancers and Daea Archers. The Lancers use charge attacks with their spears to try and ram Gale. The Archers will try to keep their distance and fire arrows at Gale.

Phoenotopia Awakening

In Phoenotopia Awakening, the Lancer and Archer are replaced with similar yet more advanced enemies, the Spearmaster and the Bowmaiden. Spearmasters aren't as aggressive as the Lancers but are more skilled with their spears. Not only can Spearmasters use charge attacks, but they can also use melee attacks and even throw their spears. Bowmaidens are very similar to the Archers but can fire their arrows more rapidly and can even shoot multiple arrows at a time.

PHOA - WIP Jail Ambush Fight

PHOA - WIP Jail Ambush Fight


  • In the original Phoenotopia, the guard horde that ambushes Gale is aided by Guard Dogs. In Phoenotopia Awakening, the dogs are absent. This is because the dogs are not returning in the remake and have been replaced by the Boars.