In Phoenotopia, there are a wide variety of items that Gale can store in her inventory for later use. They can be divided into six categories based on their effects on her:

Phoenotopia Items
  • Healing: Recovers a specified amount of HP.
  • Stamina: Boosts speed and stamina for a specified amount of time.
  • Hybrid: Does both of the above.
  • Unhealthy: Upon consumption, damages Gale or has a chance of doing so.
  • Quest Items: Is meant to be given to certain NPCs rather than to be consumed by Gale.
  • Miscellaneous: Has unique effects on Gale that don't fit into any of the other categories.

Healing Items

Name Image Description
Pumpkin Muffin
Pumpkin muffin
Given only twice. First one by Grandma Nana when the player first talks to her. The second one is given by Alex later on if in the beginnning, the player refuses to retrieve the comet until he offers to give his dessert. Restores 10 HP.
Roasted Toad Leg
Roasted toad leg
Given by Kiter when talking to him a second time or by Lisa after you give her Appreciation Flowers. Restores 25 HP.
Toad Leg
Toad leg

Found eventually when beating a toad (including the Mul Cavern ones). Heals 3 HP but can be given to Kiter for him to cook it into a Roasted Toad Leg.

Duri Herb
Duri herb
Given by Mika or sold in Tao's Store in Panselo. Found in a small cavity in Duri Forest. Heals 7 HP.
Puki Milk
Puki milk
Sold in Tao’s store and in Atai market. Restores 12 HP.
Panselo Radish
Panselo radish
Sold in Tao’s shop, given by Hachi when giving him the Purple Honeycomb and by a soldier in Daea after telling him that things are okay in Atai. Restores 10 HP.
Duri Fruit
Knocking down and breaking the fruits from the trees in Duri Forest has a chance of dropping this item. It can also be bought and sold in the fruit stall in the Atai market. Heals 10 HP
Mikan Fruit
Found in a secret area in Duri Forest which requires the Floaty Donut to access. It can be given to the Potioner to unlock Mikan Fragrance. Heals 10 HP
Perro Egg
Perro egg
Sold in Tao’s shop from Chapter III onwards and found once in Atai Bridge. Restores 7 HP.
Puki Jerky
Puki jerky
Dropped by various enemies. Restores 15 HP.
Puki Kebab
Puki kebab
Sold in the Atai market for 16 Rai. Restores 20 HP.
Sand Dragon Bacon
Sand dragon bacon
Sold in the Atai market for 30 Rai. Controversial for being made of baby sand dragon meat. Restores 30 HP.
Puki Cheese
Puki cheese
Sold in Atai market and Hidden Village’s shop. Also found inside the Mayor’s kitchen. Restores 15 HP.
Misty Dew Drop
Misty lotus dew
Found exclusively in the Misty Gorge as it evaporates once reached one of the river’s ledges. Restores 9 HP.
Available in the Daea shop for 25 Rai. Restores 30 HP.
Tempura Bento
Tempura bento
Sold in the Daea shop for 20 Rai. Restores 25 HP.
Sushi Bento
Sushi bento
Sold in the Daea shop for 30 Rai and found in the Prince Tower and the Daea library. Restores 35 HP.
Mystery Bento
Mystery bento
Sold in the Daea shop for 40 Rai after giving the Translucent Meat to one of the cooks. Restores 50 HP.
Spotted Lepista
Spotted lepista
Found only in the Mul Cavern, it shrivels up in the light. Restores 15 HP normally and 3 HP after shriveling up.
Shriveled Mushroom
Shriveled mushroom
Spotted Lepistas turn into this when removed from Mul Cavern. Has almost no nutritional value and restores 3 HP.
Old Ration
Old ration
Found in Mul Cavern and in the Ancient's Crater. Has a strange expiration date. Restores 45 HP.
Bauple Nut
Bauple nut
Found several times in the Forgotten Forest and inside the Hidden Village food storage room. Heals 20 HP.

Stamina Items

Name Image Description
Honey comb
Found above two flowers in Sunflower Road. Boosts speed and stamina for 1 minute.
Purple Honeycomb
Purple honey comb
Found above a hard-to-find spot in Sunflower Road. Boosts speed and stamina for 4 minutes.
Jar of Honey
Jar of honey
Sold in Sunflower Road’s Inn and in the Hidden Village shop. Boosts speed and stamina for 2 minutes.
Lilac Honey
Lilac honey
Sold in Sunflower Road's Inn and given once by Hachi after delivering a Purple Honeycomb to him. Boosts speed and stamina for 8 minutes.

Hybrid Items

Name Image Description
Honeyed Tumond
Honeyed tumond
Found outside the Bandits' Lair, in the final zone of the Dread Lands and sold in Sunflower Road's Inn. Heals 7 HP and boosts speed and stamina for 1 minute.
Found once in the Forgotten Forest and a couple of times in the Ancient Crater. Heals 20 HP and boosts speed and stamina for 2 minutes.

Unhealthy Items

Name Image Description
Stale Bread
Stale bread
Found three times in Daea's jail. Has a chance of healing the player 10 HP or damaging 5 HP.
Cooked by Stan and Jan in different occasions at Fran's Lab kitchen. Damages 5 HP.
Translucent Meat
Translucent meat
Found ocasionally in the Misty Gorge after hitting a phantom prawn. Damages 10 HP, but can be given to a cook in Daea to make the Mystery Bento.
Jelly Goo
Jelly goo
Found very rarely in Mul Cavern after killing a Cave Jelly. Reduces the player's life to 1 HP, but can be given to the Potioner in Atai to create the Power Potion.

If playing Phoenotopia on the Newgrounds website, eating five unhealthy items will reward the player with the "Never Waste Food" achievement.

Quest Items

Name Image Description
Talkinator Juice
Talkinator juice
Though it can be 'used', it only heals 3 HP. Can be given to the imprisoned bandit and to a woman in Farmer's Block.
Mikan Fragrance
Mikan fragrance
Sold by the Potioner after giving to her a Mikan Fruit. It can be 'used', but it only heals 10 HP. Can be given to a soldier in the Great Walls and to a child in Crossroads Inn.
Small Baton
Small baton
Sold in the Atai shop. Can be given to Hachiko in Sunflower Road's Inn and to a harpy child in the Hidden Village spa.
Gold Bar
Gold bar
Sold at the Atai shop. Can be exchanged there for money and given to an old lady in Crossroads and to a harpy in the Hidden Village.
High Quality Silk
High quality silk
Found in a building outside the Bandits' Lair, inside the Mayor's riches room and given by a child in Crossroads Inn after giving him the Mikan Fragrance. Can be sold to the Samite traders in Atai and Daea.
Albert's Love Letter
Alberts love letter
Given by the Atai soldier Albert to be delivered to Lisa, who he has a crush on.
Knight's Letter
Knights letter
Given by a soldier in the Great Walls after completing two other side-quests there. To be given to his mother in Farmer's Block.
Lisa's Rejection Letter
Lisas rejection letter
Given by Lisa to be delivered to Albert as a response to the aforementioned letter.
Space Rocks
Asteroid rock
One is found inside a cave in the Misty Gorge, and the other is given by Fran after delivering to her the fifth pack of moonstones. Can be given to the blacksmith's apprentice in Daea to create the Morning Star.
Golem Hunter Vol. 7
Golem hunter vol 7
Sold in the Daea shop. Can be given to the imprisoned bandit and to the children in the Hidden Village school.
Red/Blue Golem Action Figure
Red knight figurine
Blue knight figurine
Sold in the Daea shop. Can be given to an old lady in the shop's dining room, to the historian in Crossroads and to Erik in the Hidden Village school.


Name Image Description
Chocolate Protein Shake
Chocolate protein shake
Sold at the Panselo Dojo and given once by Aella there. Increases maximum health by 2 points, until Gale has consumed 5 total, after which it heals 50 HP. It can also be given to Aella in Crossroads to help her restore her memory.
Appreciation Flower
Appreciation flowers
Sold at the flower stall in Daea. Can be given to Aella, Alex, Lisa, Thomas, Prince Leo, or Sir Max as a gift. Giving it to Lisa will earn a Roasted Frog Leg.
Power Potion
Power potion
Sold by the Potioner after giving her the Jelly Goo. For 1 minute, it boosts speed and stamina and makes every ground melee attack a ki-charged one.
Bottle of Glowy Wisps
Bottle of glowy wisps
Sold at the Hidden Village shop. When the player's health reaches zero, if they are in possession of this item, it disappears and the health reaches its maximum again.
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