Bubbles the Sand Dragon is the Desert Bandits' secret weapon, the (presumed) parent of the Baby Sand Dragons, and the second boss of Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. He is first mentioned by the NPCs at the Atai Bridge who report that the bandits used him to destroy the bridge, and again by Lisa as she tells Gale that she heard the bandits have a fully grown sand dragon which can only be "hurt from within." Bubbles is finally encountered at the heart of the Bandit Lair, where the Bandit Boss sends him to attack Gale.

Being an adult sand dragon, Bubbles's scales are thick enough to render him completely invulnerable to any sort of attack under normal circumstances. As per Lisa's advice, the only way to hurt him is to trick him into eating Bombs.


Bubbles's attacks are somewhat similar to those of his offspring. His main attack is to curl up into a ball and either roll or bounce around the room. After doing this a couple of times, Bubbles will burrow underground, creating a tremor that causes rocks to fall from the ceiling. While this is happening, Bubbles will occasionally pop up out of the ground and try to eat Gale. This is the player's chance to attack by placing a Bomb on the ground and getting Bubbles to eat it. Once he's eaten the Bomb, Bubbles will go underground and stay there until the Bomb detonates, which forces him out of the ground and leaves him stunned. The player can then attack Bubbles while he's stunned. However, once Bubbles recovers he'll move to one side on the room and spit three balls of lava that leave temporary puddles on the floor. He'll then resume his normal attack patterns and restart the cycle.

Phoenotopia Awakening

Bubbles is set to return in the remake. His battle here will probably be similar to the original version.