Booby Traps are hazards seen in Phoenotopia and possibly returning in Phoenotopia Awakening. They are obstacles that appear in secure areas and activate traps when triggered.

Pressure Plates

Pressure plates are a common trap found in places such as the Bandits' Lair. Stepping or placing objects on them will trigger a trap. This could be arrows shot out from slots in a nearby wall or ceiling, or it could be a platform receding into the wall and causing Gale to fall. Plate traps only trigger once so they can be disarmed by prematurely triggering them with objects such as Bombs or crates.


Bells are another common Booby Trap in the game, appearing in the Bandits' Lair and more prominently in the Prince Tower. If Gale touches a bell, it will ring and set off a trap similar to pressure plates. However, unlike plates, they can be triggered more than once and can only be triggered by Gale touching them. They are often placed near platforms or ladders to create agility puzzles. There are two types of bells seen:

  • Golden Bells - Touching a Golden Bell will trigger arrow slots in a nearby wall to shoot.
  • Silver Bell - Silver Bells will cause whatever platform they're stationed on to recede, causing Gale to fall. Triggering them again will reactivate the platform.


Lasers are traps found in high tech areas, including the Phoenix Lab and several secret areas. These traps consist of a single beam of light which triggers when passed through. Some Lasers will flash on and off, while others always remain on. When tripped, lasers can set off various traps ranging from laser bullets being shot from the wall to enemies being summoned.

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