Bombs are a tool obtained early on in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. In Phoenotopia they can be found at Adar's House, in the small cave next to his house. In Phoenotopia Awakening, the Bombs are instead located inside Adar's House, which is now locked down; to get them, Gale has to get the key from Garnet so she can enter the house and find the Bombs.

When a Bomb is used in Phoenotopia, Gale will hold it over her head, and the player can have her set it down or throw it at something. It will explode a few seconds after being spawned. The Bombs' explosions are powerful and can destroy stone blocks and other barriers, but they can also hurt Gale, dealing her 7 damage if she gets caught in an explosion.

In Phoenotopia, Bombs cannot be picked up nor thrown again, but they can be pushed with basic attacks or various hazards such as arrows. They disappear upon contact with water or when falling in a bottomless pit (and when swallowed by Bubbles) without exploding (and without the sound of the explosion). They are invisible to and unhittable by enemies. They can trigger pressure plates just like a small wooden or metal crate. Bombs caught in the explosion of another Bomb or of a charged Javelin will explode instantly.

In Phoenotopia Awakening, Bombs can be picked up and thrown again after being spawned. They can be stood on as well. Getting caught in a Bomb's explosion now deals 15 damage, but the Bombs have a smaller blast radius.

Bombs are required to access the Bandits' Lair, as much of the first section of the lair is filled with stone blocks that can only be destroyed by them. The Bombs are also the primary weakness of Bubbles the Sand Dragon. The player has to get him to eat a Bomb so it'll stun him and leave him open to Gale's attacks.

The Bombs are also pretty effective against the Computer Guardian, as just one Bomb can instantly destroy one of the two weak points on the floor.

Another little-known use for the Bombs is to propel Gale up certain areas. As with any damage done to Gale, she jumps up and back when damaged by a Bomb; this can be used with the Javelin to reach areas normally accessible only using the Javelin and Rocket Boots. It is also possible, albeit difficult due to the precise timing required, to launch a new Javelin for Gale to land on the moment a Bomb explodes while already standing on a Javelin; this method can be used to scale walls.

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