Baby Sand Dragons are minor enemies in Phoenotopia and its upcoming remake, Phoenotopia Awakening. They are the Desert Bandits' weapons and presumably the offspring of Bubbles the Sand Dragon. They're only encountered in the Bandits' Lair.


Baby Sand Dragons are found at the Bandits' Lair, where they are hidden both inside the lair itself and outside around its perimeter. They are usually hidden underground until Gale gets close to them, after which they'll emerge from the sand. They will then try to attack Gale by either rolling towards her or by spitting sand at her, depending on how close she is. After performing the attack, the dragon will burrow under the ground, hiding in another nearby spot to repeat the process. The best strategy for dealing with this enemy is to attack it as soon as it emerges so it doesn't get a chance to attack.

When defeated, Baby Sand Dragons usually drop anywhere from 1 to 3 Rai. On rare occasions, they might also drop Sand Dragon Bacon.