Atai Bridge is a location seen in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. Gale can access this area after completing Sunflower Road. The bridge is meant to connect Atai City to other areas in Castland, but it was attacked and heavily damaged by the Desert Bandits; because of this, the level is full of broken platforms and stone blocks that the player must navigate through.


Atai Bridge is a bridge overlooking a misty waterfall. Travelers on the east side of the bridge can be found explaining and complaining about the situation with the bridge's destruction by the Desert Bandits. One traveler will hint that the Rolling Scroll is required to roll past some of the obstructions.

A combination of jumping and rolling will allow Gale to easily reach the other side of the bridge. There are also several optional items that can be obtained once Gale obtains the Bombs to destroy the stone blocks. These include a Heart Ruby and two Moonstones (one of which is hidden within a stone block).

Gale will also be able to rescue a scientist named Fran who is trapped under a pile of stone blocks. Rescuing her will unlock the Moonstone sidequest, which is not necessary to complete the game but gives many rewards, including money and a Space Rock which is needed to obtain the best weapon.