The Artifact (also called the Ancient Artifact) is one of the last tools Gale receives in Phoenotopia and Phoenotopia Awakening. It allows her to unlock or disable many pieces of ancient technology, including Ancient Sentry Towers and the doors in the Phoenix Lab.


The Artifact is a small handheld object that emits a beam of light when used. The light can be aimed in any direction and changes from yellow to blue once it makes contact with another valid piece of ancient technology. It takes a few seconds of contact for the Artifact to take effect on whatever it is aimed at. The Artifact can be used to:

  • Deactivate Ancient Sentry Towers.
  • Immobilize Scrapper Drones.
  • Unlock door and platform switches in the Phoenix Lab and other ancient facilities.
  • Reveal invisible platforms in the Phoenix Lab and ???? area.
  • Shut down the eyes of the Computer Guardian.


Sometime after the Great War, the Artifact was split up into several crystal shards that were divided among the kingdoms of Earth and safeguarded by their respective royal families. When the Stellanites came to Earth, they sent remote-controlled Golems to each kingdom to retrieve these shards and reunite the Artifact.

While most of the Golems were successful, the one sent to Castland crashed and broke upon landing. The head of this Golem was found by Gale who, through a series of adventures, managed to obtain the Artifact shard from Prince Leo and group up with the other Golems at the Ancient's Crater and recreate the Artifact.


  • Interestingly, in an earlier build of Phoenotopia the Artifact was called the "Ancient's Flute" and was described as an instrument that also served as the key to the Forbidden Lands' ancient temples.
    Ancient Flute