Anuri Temple is a smaller location within Duri Forest, featured in Phoenotopia and its remake Phoenotopia Awakening. It is a very old temple situated in the middle of the forest, which Gale visits in order to retrieve the fallen meteorite that had landed there earlier. She obtains the Slingshot from Alex just outside the temple's entrance, and faces off against the first boss in the depths of the temple.


In the first game, Anuri Temple is a relatively short area. The first half of the level is basically a tutorial on how to use the Slingshot, as it consists of several chasms that can only be crossed by using the Slingshot to launch projectiles to hit out-of-reach Switches which activate bridges, followed by a door which must be opened by shooting a projectile off the wall to hit another Switch to activate it and allow the player to progress.

The next area features a series of rooms containing small groups of enemies guarding several keys, which the player must collect and use to open several gates in order to reach the door to the boss room. Upon entering said boss room, the player encounters the Monster Toad. After defeating the Monster Toad, the player is able to proceed further and obtain the Golem Head, after which a cutscene occurs in which Gale exits Anuri Temple to show the head to her siblings, only to see her village be raided by a Collector ship.

Phoenotopia Awakening

Compared to its previous incarnation, Anuri Temple is a much larger level with many new features. Although it still features some obstacles that require the use of the Slingshot, Anuri Temple now focuses more on navigating through a mazelike environment, with several sections in which you need to search for and collect Anuri Pearlstones, which must be brought to several frog statues in order to upon some ancient doors to progress. In addition, Anuri Temple also has some secret areas, including a tomb area sealed off by stone blocks that must be cleared with Bombs, as well as another room with the Monster Toad, who is now an optional secret boss.

In the temple's boss room, a very strong Slargummy takes the Monster Toad's place as the game's first boss.


  • In the original Phoenotopia, Anuri Temple is never referred to by name, only ever called "the temple" by any character who speaks of it.
    • Additionally, Anuri Temple is not shown on the game's World Map as it is considered a part of Duri Forest and not its own full-fledged level.
  • The name is most likely derived from Anura, the scientific name for the animal order of frogs. In Phoenotopia Awakening, the temple has a more prominent frog theme.